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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Lemonade Stand is where we meet to share our from our hearts, inspire each other to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and gather as a community to celebrate the bright side of life.


Hi friends! Here is a super simple and quick DIY Valentine that you can customize to suit your needs. My daughter needed some Valentine’s Day cards for her class and we decided to make them ourselves! We opted out of getting candy since, well, she’s in preschool. (Um, ditto for the glitter. Because we have enough glitter around the house and I also have a one year old. But I digress.)

Gather your materials…we used red construction paper, a heart to trace, some fun pencils.



I let my daughter do most of the tracing and this is a great way to get your kids involved in creating something simple and mess free on those days you don’t have the time or energy to create a huge project.



After you cut out the hearts, fold them in half and cut two small slits in them. This will hold the pencil (or lollipop or whatever you decide to put in there.)





Stick the pencil in from the back so that the front shows the heart. My daughter decorated the hearts with stickers and she also wrote her name on all of them. You could customize these for friends and loved ones with lyrics, quotes, jewels, whatever. The sky is the limit! (But, really, go easy on the glitter. At least if you have small children.)




Happy Valentine’s Day!



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