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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Lemonade Stand is where we meet to share our from our hearts, inspire each other to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and gather as a community to celebrate the bright side of life.



This past week, I worked on a DIY project to show all of you and guess what? It flopped. A simple cake stand DIY turned into an absolute nightmare. It was comical, really. My five year old daughter asked if it was supposed to look like “all streaky and funny.”  I smiled and said that no, it wasn’t.  We laughed, left it outside on the lawn and went inside to share a homemade cake pop. Because even the failures are worth celebrating.

With that failed DIY I learned a valuable lesson in priming before painting. (As in, don’t ignore this step. Really.) My daughter’s drawing of a garden that she told me she ruined? She unwrinkled it and then showed me what she didn’t like and we worked out a way to change it for next time. The dinner I destroyed in the crock pot last week? Well, okay, that one was a failure. No real valuable lesson. But you get what I mean.

If I do anything right with raising my children it will be teaching them that life is about the rise and the fall. That failure, while generally seen as the final nail in the coffin, is actually a very generous tool. Learning how to deal with our failures is a skill we forget to work on, something we push aside while relishing competition and ambition and getting ahead. When we look at our failures as opportunities, all of a sudden we allow ourselves the freedom to break free from the boxes we sometimes put ourselves in. We give ourselves the power to achieve great things. We give ourselves the freedom to try. Sometimes failure is the best medicine. Because once we’ve already failed, where else is there to go but up?


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    Lindsey says:

    very very well said Krista 🙂 Your kids are lucky to have you!

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