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Monday, October 27, 2014


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Weekends around these parts can be a little hectic. There are appointments and work (yes, even on weekends) and sometimes it seems like we are moving so much that we never really stop to see the tiny moments. And I am a big, big fan of tiny moments. Those are the things that keep me going when I feel like stopping and burying my head in the sand. We’re working on a new system in our house. We’re working on setting aside a tiny bit of time every weekend to fully celebrate and decompress. We are in full “weekending” mode around these parts.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to implement this. Generally, my weekending consisted of some planned excursion or activity that involved scheduling and preparing and (while fun and awesome) generally ended in crankiness and late bedtimes. This time around, I’m doing it a bit differently. I’m actually setting aside time to do nothing. With abandon. There are moments during the week when I think I”m not going to make it and that I want to just ride off into the sunset with a margarita and no phone. But that’s not quite my reality. So I enjoy my metaphorical margarita at sunset with a different perspective. Sometimes it involves sweeping the sidewalk and organizing the garage (something I sort of enjoy, actually.) Another time,  I watched my daughter twirl in the grass on her way to dance class. In those particular moments, I find myself trying to overcome the task oriented nature of the weekend and instead focus on the tiny moment. The beauty. The joy. The weekending.

What about you? How do  you enjoy weekending?


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    Ellen L. says:

    Sleep! Sleep and walks outdoors. That’s what weekends are for around here.

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