Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WIN WHITNEY ENGLISH ON THE BRIGHT SIDE PROJECT!{please visit the whitney english company here}

We couldn’t very well do a hue themed month without a nod to a company synonymous with saturated color, bold patterns and motifs, now could we?  The Whitney English Company founded in 2002 by Whitney Kolb is a company for paper lovers everywhere that prefer their stationery products ‘shaken not stirred’. Instantly recognizable notecards, announcements, personal stationery and gift items. Now their newly launched Clipsheets can be added to their impressive arsenal.

The Clipsheets are ingenious little 5” x7”, clear acrylic clipboards paired with loose Whitney English signature personalized, pattern stationery customized with your photo.  Ideal for to-do lists, honey-do and grocery lists. The Clipsheets also make great wedding favors, teacher, hostess, and bridesmaid gifts (amongst many others I can think of). The set is tied with ribbon, placed inside a Whitney English signature box ready to gift. When that impossible person on your gift list comes around, (you know the one that has everything?) well, this time no need to sweat it, you can give them the gift of thoughtfulness with a dash of good taste thrown in. What can be better than that?

The Whitney English company is giving away 3 photo Clipsheet sets to one lucky winner. To enter to win you just need to answer the following question by Wednesday, March 3, 2010:
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Good luck!  Please check the yellow winner’s box on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 to see if you won.
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  1. 201
    Sue Krei says:

    Anything chocolate, but my all time FAV is Baskin Robbins Rocky Road! Oh yum!!

  2. 202
    Emily says:

    Cotton Candy Bluebell

  3. 203
    Lauren says:

    Mint chocolate chip! I love ALL things mint!

  4. 204
    Kirsi says:

    You have to trust me with this one! I once went to “Max & Mina’s Homemade Ice Cream” and loved their garlic flavored kind… being that they have weirder flavors, I can accept that.

  5. 205
    Meghann says:

    Cheesecake from Marble Slab, with butterfinger mixed into it. My family thinks I’m crazy, but the combination is amazing.

  6. 206
    Smiling Maia says:


  7. 207
    jules says:

    mmmmm…Mint Chocolate Chip! (but not the green fake food coloring kind)

  8. 208

    Amaredo with rasberries

  9. 209
    Katie K says:

    Mocha Almond Fudge…Coffee nutty chocolatey goodness.

  10. 210
    Melissa Nicole says:


  11. 211
    laura stewart says:

    I love banana split

  12. 212
    melanie says:

    in the summers i like lemon ice, otherwise it’s coffee – always

  13. 213
    MelissaW says:

    Rocky Road. Frozen marshmallows are one of life’s underrated pleasures.

  14. 214

    peppermint- growing up, the clarks drug store by my house had it all year long. Now that it is relegated to season ice cream selections, it is one of my favorite winter treats!

  15. 215
    Elena says:

    I’m undecided… Dark Chocolate or Trifle!

  16. 216
    Claire says:

    a double-scoop gelato, with pistachio and blood orange.  Mmmmmmm….

  17. 217
    Bindy says:

    Vanilla…because it tastes good plain or when you add a little pizazz like sprinkles, nuts, or even strawberries…

    It is kind of like me. Kind of plain and middle of the road, but underneath it all is a creative spirit. When you add some beads, deep thoughts, and love of learning…I am my own banana split.

  18. 218
    Stephanie U. says:

    bubblegum pink always gets me in a bubbly mood!

  19. 219
    TiffyB says:

    My favorite ice cream is very specific. Jules Organic Strawberry ice cream. It’s so creamy and so lovely! It’s heaven in a small tub. Seriously, this is the stuff that ice cream dreams are made of!

  20. 220
    Kat says:

    Hard choice, I have many. But I’d have to say during the winter dulce de leche. In the summer, I tend to crave fruit gelato (mmm, mango!)

  21. 221
    Molly says:

    I’m boring, Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles

  22. 222

    mint chocolate chip

  23. 223
    Mae says:

    I luv mint chocolate chip ice cream…the more chocolate chips the better! We sit on the bench outside the ice cream shop enjoying the scenery, sunshine and tradewinds, while we savor every delicious bite.

  24. 224
    Marie says:

    The best ever is fresh pumpkin ice cream. We served it every fall in the ice cream store I worked at in high school – there’s nothing better than homemade ice cream using fresh, real ingredients. It’ll change your world!

  25. 225
    Melissa says:

    Definitely homemade peach ice cream with peaches fresh from my grandpa’s tree – mmm… it’s been way too long since I’ve enjoyed that treat!

  26. 226
    kelly jo says:

    mint chocolate chip. a classic!

  27. 227
    Julie says:

    There are so many flavors that I like that it’s hard to pick just one! Black Raspberry Chip is my favorite with Pumpkin coming in a close second.

  28. 228
    marsha says:

    Pistacio, right out of the container ~

  29. 229
    Judith says:

    Anything with chocolate in the name.

  30. 230
    Janice Gran says:

    Anything with pecans and caramel.

  31. 231
    Connie says:

    Vanilla… but it has to be vanilla BEAN, the kind with the little black specks in it? None of that “French Vanilla” or “Homemade Vanilla” for me…

  32. 232
    Amy says:

    peppermint stick 🙂

  33. 233
    Jennie says:

    passionfruit sorbet

  34. 234
    Casie says:

    Cherry Chocolate Chip…so yummy!!!

  35. 235
    Jenna W says:

    Blueberry cheesecake, made in a little local shop. It is out of this world!

  36. 236
    Rachel says:

    PeanutButter Chocolate!

  37. 237
    Sarah says:

    Home-made butter pecan. Covered in caramel and candied pecans… is it summer yet?!

  38. 238
    Lucy Bellwood says:

    Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Yum.

  39. 239
    Melanie says:

    Swiss Chocolate topped with chocolate morsels with sprinkles

  40. 240
    Stephanie M. says:

    Chocolate ice cream from Capannari’s in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

  41. 241
    Julia R says:

    Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ties with Green Tea flavored ice-cream for me.

  42. 242
    Monika Wright says:

    My mother-in-law’s homemade peach ice cream that is always served on our July 4th cookout at her pool! Too yummy!

  43. 243
    Elliott says:

    I have been a devoted fan of Gold Medal Ribbon since I was a child. It just *isn’t* a birthday unless I get my mini-cone full at Baskin-Robbins.

  44. 244
    Jenn H. says:

    Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food…. yummy!

  45. 245
    Leigh says:

    Creme Brule! It’s a fantastic substitute when you can’t get your hands on the real thing!

  46. 246
    Jessie says:

    burnt almond fudge from the byu creamery. deeeeeeelicious.